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Luke Leighfield & Jose Vanders - European Tour 2011

Jose and I released a split EP in October 2011 and celebrated the release with a tour throughout Europe. Duncan Howsley came too and made this video.

For more details and to buy the split EP visit

Dec 8

Luke Leighfield in Berlin : review (+ downloads!)

Berlin-based blog Indie is Not A Genre attended yesterday’s houseshow and wrote a short review - links to songs available!

Click on the link to check it out.

Dec 4

Geschichten von der Heilewelt: A Sunday Listen: Luke Leighfield "Have You Got Heart?"


In anticipation of next weeks house concert of Luke Leighfield in Berlin I’ll chose his two year old album “Have You Got Heart?” as this weeks Sunday listen. Actually he is on a Christmas Living Room tour and it will bring him to different cities in Germany (see list below). The Berlin…

BERLIN HOUSESHOW - 7.12.2011!!
Get in touch for more info.

Poster : design by Matt Withers // Photo by Steve Broadbank

BERLIN HOUSESHOW - 7.12.2011!!

Get in touch for more info.

Poster : design by Matt Withers // Photo by Steve Broadbank


Lovely blog from Germany about my Have You Got Heart? video. Google Translate says:

“He could be the English edition of Ben Folds, (even if it annoys that comparison?) And yet he is so much more. It is the autumn mood without depression, he is leaping through the leaves to run, climb over fences, grinning missed a red light. I have fallen, this voice, this feel-good pop. Thank you!”

I love Google Translate.

China Tour 2011



I am very excited to announce that I’m going to be touring China next month! I first toured China back in Christmas 2008 (and had awesome t-shirts made) and I am super psyched about returning.


11/11 Shanghai @ Yuyintang 
11/12 Suzhou @ WAVE 
11/13 Nanjing @ Castle 
11/14 Wuhan @ VOX 
11/15 Changsha @ FREEDOMHOUSE 
11/17 Guangzhou @ 191 SPACE 
11/18 Chongqing @ NUTS Club 
11/19 Xi’An @ Aperture Club 
11/20 Beijing @ WEIBOZHIYAN 

More Chinese-related news coming soon.


Luke & Jose's remix competition ends TODAY!


Our remix competition ends today! Listen to the entries here and upload your remix if you haven’t done so yet!

Luke Leighfield playing at White Trash, Berlin, yesterday. And yeah, we know his name is not spelt with a “T”…

Luke Leighfield & Jose Vanders on tour : Borderline concert review!

Please click on the link to read Hayley Fox’s review of Luke and Jose's concert at The Borderline in London last monday (27.09.2011)!!!

Tonight We Dance Tomorrow We Cry review Luke & Jose's EP!

Teaser : "Consisting of 4 songs, they both cover 2 of each other’s tracks, giving them a unique spin. I will gather you have the intelligence already to decipher that Vanders is of the female-kind, while Leighfield is of the male-kind, offering each other a glimpse into their songs through opposite bodies. While this obviously doesn’t change the songs too much, they are both quite capable of that with their beautiful voices and canny arrangement."

Click on the link to read the full review!